The system is an online visual gnathology medical record. With just a few clicks and objective analyses, it allows a graphic visualization of the patient’s dysfunctional situation, starting from occlusion problems but also extending to head, neck and eye problems.


The system was not only created to have a medical record that is easy to compile and with an intuitive and immediate view, but it allows statistics among all users. The online platform, in fact, in addition to allowing data entry and viewing on any device of any operating system, has other functions.


Possibility for a user (professional) to access the database in an absolutely exclusive manner on their patients, both for privacy and data ownership. Additionally, for further protection, the patient name can be inserted with a proprietary acronym.


The file, having little «strictly dental» data, is also the prerogative of other professional figures such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Doctors, General Practitioners, Ear Doctors, Ophthalmologists, Orthopedists, Posturologists, Podiatrists, Orthoptists, etc.
To speak the same language, have a shared medical record that allows the various operators to see each other’s progress in therapy, but also to understand if the problem could be with another specialist, an interdisciplinary communication system.


Possibility for all users, through queries, to have statistical data on their patients and on the global database of all users.

In the neurological field there is a contrast between the method of those who study in depth individual cases of patients suffering from a syndrome and those who sift through a large number of subjects and then carry out a statistical analysis. Almost all the neurological syndromes that have stood the test of time were discovered by studying individual cases while, to my knowledge, none have ever been identified by averaging statistics across a large sample of people.

“…in my opinion the best strategy is to start with the study of individual cases and then check whether the observations are confirmed by the analysis of other patients.

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran


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